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Created by Anousha Razavi, a Persian-Canadian designer living in California, Noush is a luxury jewelry company that believes in the power of personalization and individuality.  Anousha is a highly trained jewelry designer with two master degrees and over 10 years of experience working for top international luxury jewelry houses.

After finishing her bachelor’s degree in Industrial design from University of Alberta, Anousha moved to Milan to attend Politecnico di Milano to learn more about design and entrepreneurship. She completed a Masters in Design Strategy, and relished the opportunity to combine her eye for design with her business mind. After completing her first master’s degree, Anousha was handpicked to attend the Creative Academy on full scholarship. The Creative Academy is the exclusive school of the Richemont Group that trains 20 students per year to design high luxury jewelry, watched and leather goods. Upon finishing her studies at the Creative Academy, Anousha was selected by the Richemont Group for an internship with Mont Blanc in Paris, France where she learnt how to create designs that are not only beautiful and luxurious but also feel personal and unique with high attention to detail and quality.

Immediately after her return from Europe, Anousha moved to New York and worked for Tiffany & Co as a jewelry designer in their Manhattan design studio. Furthermore for five years, she led the design department at Maison Birks, Canada’s most prestigious jewelry company and has created collections that are the most iconic pieces of the brand.