Feathered Soul

As a child, I grew up free to ride horses all day long, in the rural valleys and fields of Southern California. My first encounter with horses was profound; I was inspired to braid their manes with ribbons, feathers, and tassels. My hours were spent designing headdresses and blankets for them. I longed to be a Bedouin nomad traveling in ancient deserts with my Arabians and unique designs.

I carried my connection to animals and design throughout my life and eventually stumbled upon vintage enamel medals, and felt an immediate connection. I recognized their spiritual essence and it marked the birth of my jewelry design business. I fell in love with the depth of colors and textures, blending of the feminine beauty of gemstones and silks with the masculine sensuality of leathers and symbols.

The process of making jewelry is enriching and magical for me. Like adventuring to an exotic land, it fills me and connects me to the depth of creation and beauty. When someone is inspired by a piece whatever it is, my hope is that it connects them to their own depths of beauty and divinity.