Bloom & Give

We’ve been close friends for 20 years. We’ve traveled together, worked together and shared many adventures in India, where we were both born. Through Bloom & Give, we want to showcase the incredible textile artistry of India. Between us, we have three amazing daughters. Each day, we watch them develop confidence, learn new skills and become self-reliant by going to school. They validate our deep-rooted belief that education is a fundamental right for every girl – no matter where in the world she lives.

We are deeply invested in our artisan communities. The continued success of these small co-ops is critically important to the young employment-seeking women in the community.

We thoroughly vet all our suppliers and visit them several times a year. We pay special attention to these areas – safe working conditions, exclusion of child labor, fair wages, non-discrimination, freedom of employment, and right to an association (union). We only work with suppliers that demonstrate pride in the quality of their work, and share our views on societal and workplace behavior. We never negotiate price or payment terms with our suppliers.